Image of Maness Brothers & 20 Watt Tombstone Tour poster pre-order!

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Maness Brothers & 20 Watt Tombstone Tour poster pre-order!

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The Maness Brothers and 20 Watt Tombstone are heading out for tour in October and November! As you know, touring is hard work and can be both physically taxing as well as financially. The goal with these posters by Dan Biesel, is to not only get these killer pieces of artwork into your hands but help us get a little bit of money together for tour. This money will help us make a small dent in things like tour promotion, posters and shipling them to venues, and travel expenses. Two bands on tour is twice as hard and twice as expensive. Help us out and be a part of getting this tour started right!! If you would like to spend more you can get up to 4 posters or just one. Prices include shipping. Posters will ship in roughly 2 weeks and will be signed by both bands!